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Suzanna Owiyo blasts Kenyan men for buying sanitisers ‘after urinating all over’

Kenyan singer Suzanna Owiyo has told off some Kenyan men she accused of rushing to buy sanitisers in the wake of coronavirus outbreak in the country, saying that they should have been practising good hygiene from before.

Suzanna shared on Twitter how women have been using sanitisers all along but the opposite sex is only thinking about hygiene now.

She pointed out one bad behaviour of going for short calls haphazardly and thereafter going about normal business without cleaning their hands.

“Sanitisers hve been there.Ladies can connect. It’s ideal for emergency use. Let me address some Kenyan men! Hii tabia ya kunyora ovyo ovyo kando ya bara bara muache.Tusaidiane hapa. Kama ni lazima,beba sanitizer mfukoni. H/ever washing hands with soap is more effective,” tweeted Suzanna Owiyo.

Last week supermarkets ran out of sanitisers as Kenyans rushed to stockpile the commodity. This is after Health CS Mutahi Kagwe announced the first confirmed case in Kenya.

So far the number has risen to four. Experts have said washing hands with soap and water or sanitising using a hand sanitiser are some of the surest ways to keep the deadly virus at bay.