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Tahidi High actress Carol Mwaura defends viral video of her eating with a dog

Tahidi High actress Carol Mwaura, popularly known as Miss Goretti, has defended the viral video of her eating from the same plate as a puppy.

Carol had taken social media by storm last month after a TikTok video of her eating from the same plate as her pet dog, Eli, went viral.

In the video, her friend records and questions her behavior. Unbothered, Carol defends her actions, stating that her dog is clean and that she enjoys eating with it.

Explaining why the dog is also vaccinated against diseases, the thespian while in an interview with Castro Media shared that it is not fair to say that she is mentally ill.

“Are we only supposed to live with human beings and not animals? There are people who live with even monkeys. That innocent dog and it cannot harm you why is there a problem when one decides to live with it?” she posed.

Adding that she is used to feeding her pet, Carol shared that the dog was a gift she was given from her rural home.

“I have not been affected by the trolls by the way because this dog is mine, the food was mine, and the plate we were sharing from is also mine,” she explained.

Further, she revealed that it was her friend who took the video and was just taking it for fun not thinking it would blow out of proportion.

“My friend called me the following morning telling me how I had been trolled due to the said video and she even suggested that she would delete it,” she said.

To Carol, the friend had not done any mistake taking the video saying she enjoys taking funny videos and photos. She however cautioned her (the friend) against deleting it but she lamented against the mean comments as a result.

“Those who were saying I am depressed why didn’t they share songs I have sung?” she posed.

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