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Taxify horror stories which Kenyans are sharing online

By HILARY KIMUYU October 11th, 2018 2 min read

Insults, thefts, assaults, being over charged, multiple cancellations and wrong destinations; those are the experiences of some Kenyans with mobile ride hailing app Taxify.

This is not the first time that clients are complaining about the poor services from the company. It however seems the management has been unbale to tame rogue drivers.

One rider, who used the app on Tuesday night, took to social media and to vent her anger after she was almost abducted by the driver.

“Never using @Taxify_ke again! The driver almost abducted me, driver’s name is Joseph Kaihura. I had to scream for help for him to let me out, despite payment having been made, he drove me almost a kilometre away from my home when I finally got assistance. Beware and share!,” wrote Wanderwa

Taxify later responded to her complainants by only advising her to send them a direct message.

“Thank you for contacting us we are very sorry to hear this. Please send us a DM with your email and number registered to your Taxify account with more details of the trip for a follow up.”

That, however, didn’t mollify many other riders how shared bad experiences with Taxify drivers.


One Mishono Apparel wrote, “@Taxify_ke why do you have so many unqualified drivers on the road, if a driver is cancelling, train them on some common courtesy to call and say so, I might have been in labor or urgently needed to get going!!”

“@Taxify_ke 3 drivers canceled me three time last evening fact One rejected after saying he’s on he’s way. My friend had to get a private driver to take me home,” complained Damaris Mukono.

Still Taxify’s response was that they should all DM them so that they can follow up.

In an interview with NTV from Estonia, in August, Regional General supply manager Shivachi Muleji appeared to resign to fate saying the company could only do so much.

“Even if we report the driver to the police, there is no employer-employee relationship between us and the drivers. And that very nature of our relationship puts a limit to how far we can go with legally disciplining these drivers beyond just taking away access to the platform,” said Muleji.

In August, a Taxify driver was charged at the Milimani Law court with stealing from his passengers.