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TBT: Nostalgic memories of gangsta video by Prezzo and DJ Stylez – VIDEO

The glitz and glamour of music videos has evolved in the Kenyan music scene over the years as the artistes attempt to outdo each other; from the cars they use, models, houses, jewellery to dance moves.

And as the videos evolve with time so does the creativity behind their production.


Back in 2005 two music factions raised the standards of music video to a whole new level.

CodeRed DJs, led by DJ Stylez and Cash Money Brothers (CMB), led by the self-proclaimed king of rap Prezzo, did a video for the song Prezzo, a video that ushered in a new era in Kenya hip hop music.

“Me and my team at CMB family sat down and chose to do a song and name it after myself (Prezzo). A lot of Kenyan artistes didn’t have self confidence and we came up with a strategy where we would shoot a movie-like video with awhite chic,” recalled Prezzo during an interview on Cleaning the Airwaves (CTA).

The song was produced by Eric Musyoka of Homeboyz and video directed by Tedd Josiah.


The video depicts two gangsta factions – CodeRed and CMB – at war.

Prezzo is an office in a dark suit giving instructions to his associates. DJ Stylez appears later seated in the back seat of a Mercedes Benz on phone giving orders to his henchmen to kidnap someone and bring in a briefcase full of money.

DJ Stylez says the E-class Benz, which ended up on the video by chance, belonged to his mother.

“Here is this video we are shooting with Tedd and we are supposed to make Prezzo look like a gangsta. My mum had just bought this Benz. Prezzo had seen it and he was like ‘can you get us the Benz?'” recalled DJ Stylez during the weekly Electric Avenue Show.

“I was not sure I could but I went to my mum and asked her if I could take it for service. The next thing it was in the video and I swore never to show mum the video,” he narrated.


The video premiered on every media outlet back then on the same date and time.

The video, which is eight minutes long, was the most expensive video shot back then.

It was also the first song to be been released with a teaser to hype up the fans before its actual release date.

The video can be found on YouTube uploaded in May 2019.

Many years later, fans have nothing but praise for the song.

“Mazee the song was dope. Guy came with swagga out of this world. The video too was way ahead of its time,” said @Mzito babayao.

“The first song that made history in Kenya music video to date it’s a top-notch vida,” @Allam Omondi commented.

“One of my faves. Prezzo was way ahead of his time. I agree, he is our version of Birdman,” wrote @RowenaMwikali Muthui.

“My best song when I joined form 1 in 2005. You need a high-quality sound system to enjoy this song,” commented @Don Tego.