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Tears as victims view raw footage of Sinai fire

Tears flowed freely in court on Wednesday as victims of the Sinai fire  saw a video footage of the 2011 incident that left over 100 people dead.

Men and women cried uncontrollably in the courtroom after viewing the footage that showed how some of their neighbours burnt to death and property got destroyed.

Nairobi senator Mike Sonko, who continued with his testimony, presented the video footage as his evidence in the compensation case he has filed for the victims.

The footage also showed bodies still engulfed in fire, some burnt beyond recognition, and the rescue of those who survived the inferno.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was also seen in the footage paying a visit to the village after the incident.

Mr Sonko told the court that his media team had recorded the footage as evidence of what had transpired during his tenure as Makadara MP,.

Another witness, Mr Joseph Mwai who had fainted on Monday while testifying, also continued with his evidence on Wednesday by admitting that he did not know the land belonged to Kenya Pipeline.

Mr Mwai said he began living in Sinai from 1986 and that the place is not dangerous since his relatives had lived in the area for long.

On Monday,Mr Mwai showed the court scars on his body before he was overcome by emotions and fainted.

Mr Sonko had previously blamed government officials for the loss of lives and destruction occasioned by the 2011 Sinai fire incident.

Mr Sonko filed the case seeking compensation for the 103 people who perished in the fire caused by a suspected spillage of highly inflammatory discharge.

He is also asking the court to compensate over 300 people who suffered bodily injuries and those who suffered losses after their businesses were destroyed in the fire.

Mr Justice David Majanja adjourned the case and directed that it be heard on April 14.