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‘Thank you for dumping Guardian Angel! Esther Musila tells Kenyan babes

The gospel music industry’s power couple, Guardian Angel and his wife, Esther Musila, continue to embrace and celebrate their love despite facing criticism for their age difference.

In a recent interview with Clouds FM, Esther expressed gratitude to women who turned down Guardian’s advances, attributing their rejection as the reason she found a loving husband.

The couple exchanged vows in January 2022, marking the culmination of their journey since they first met in 2020.

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However, their union has not been universally celebrated, as some Kenyans have voiced disapproval, particularly concerning Esther marrying a man younger than her.

Guardian Angel, 34, and Esther Musila, 54, have addressed the age-related criticism with resilience and love.

Esther, in the interview, acknowledged the woman who declined to date Guardian when he was less affluent, stating that they inadvertently played a role in bringing happiness into her life.

“I wanted a 360 turn of my life when I turned 50. I am grateful for those girls who refused to date him since he was broke. You gave me a wonderful husband. Thank you for leaving him. My life started at 50. Everything I wished for, I have it after 50 years. Guardian is yours, but Peter is my husband. He has given me the love I have always wished for. I have never been happier than when I met Guardian. Our chemistry is so tight, and we are more friends than a couple,” she said.

Guardian Angel joined in defending their relationship, pointing out that age is not a definitive measure of maturity.

He expressed satisfaction in their marriage, stating, “If there is something I don’t regret, it is getting married to my wife.”

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The gospel artist highlighted that commitment and happiness are paramount, irrespective of societal opinions.

He addressed the online criticisms, asserting: “People can talk online, but they do not even have facts. They respond to what has been said on the caption. That is just an opinion. As long as I am happy, that is all that matters.”

Guardian Angel revealed a shift in perspective after meeting Esther, acknowledging the depth of personal dreams beyond fame.