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The Gospel of nudity!

May 22nd, 2015 1 min read

Bizarre photos of a South Africa-based pastor ordering his congregation to strip and lie down on a patchy ground have gone viral, attracting widespread criticism on social media.

The pictures, which have since gone viral also show the ‘man of God’, who is seemingly youthful, going ahead to step on the half-naked ‘flock’ in a disturbing spectacle that could attract the wrath of human rights activists.

This photo shows the pastor ‘preaching’ to his naked congregation that is sprawling on the ground.

In some of the photos, taken at night, the pastor is seen holding a microphone and possibly preaching the word, further raising suspicion that the incident could be a case of ritual healing.

Those photographed appear to be stripping on their own volition, while other onlookers are seen watching the incident from the side.

“I usually don’t criticize servants of God or the Gospel but this is wrong. A Church in Soshanguve Ext 13 is now coming with the Gospel of Nakedness in the Church and claims that the anointing was too much, What happened to ushering (sic)… it is embarrassing to see pastors now instead of laying their hands they are laying their boots…this behaviour must be condemed (sic)… as much as i respect the power of God i blv Ushers and Pastors must protect me from any harm or embarasment (sic) i may cause to my self while deliverance is taking place. please Servants of God respect the people that God is using you to save and Deliver,” a concerned person posted on Facebook.

One half-naked member of the congregation with the Bible on one hand.