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Thee Pluto names price to sell off YouTube account

Kenyan content creator Thee Pluto has shared how much he thinks his YouTube channel is worth.

Thee Pluto’s channel, which currently boasts 711,000 subscribers has consistently grown over the past few months after launching his now famous segment dubbed ‘Loyalty Test’.

In this segment, Thee Pluto goes on a hunt for couples and tests one or both lovers on their faithfulness in the relationship.

Thee Pluto has now come out to reveal how much he would sell his channel for, in response to a post by another YouTube couple known as ‘The Bavaka’s, where they revealed that they turned down an offer to sell their channel which has 107,000 subscribers.

According to the couple, the deal was proposed by a software company that wanted to work with them. They however rejected the offer.

“So today I was in a meeting with a software company that called me two weeks ago. After a long conversation on discussing how effectively I should work with them, they offered us 15M to give out our YouTube channel to run their businesses with and they wanted us to come with our lawyer just in case of anything,” the couple shared. 

“For a minute we thought of it and we were like nah, for now, we are not ready.”

The couple went on to ask their followers to share with them what they would have done if they had found themselves in such a situation. 

Thee Pluto shared his opinion saying that he would want Sh43 million for his account, which has 7 times the number of subscribers as the Bavaka’s.

“Wee oya nyinyi wenye mnapeana hii deal sitaki hii deal mi sitaki mingi, 43 million pekee,” the YouTuber said on Instagram.

Thee Pluto, known as one of the few Kenyan under 25s to make millions recently found himself in a spot where he had to defend his wealth acquisition, especially after procuring a brand new white Toyota TX worth millions last year.

“So I traded in my previous Prado to get the latest one, a diesel engine because we travel far during ‘sanitizations’. But what the enemy is telling you ni ati huyu msee anabuy magari mob in one year. No way ako na hizo doo. Doo gani? Who doesn’t understand how trade-in happens? Stop manipulating my good people out there with lies!!!”

The content creator then went on to claim that many people are jealous of his success that they assume he deals in unscrupulous businesses as they don’t believe content creation alone is enough for him to afford such an expensive car.

“One more thing, who said content creators don’t make money? Ati hakuna vile content inaeza buy gari . Manze kutoka nibuy hii gari nimekaptia I want to ask this, ‘I’m the only content creator in this country who has a car?’ Wivu ya nini jamani . It’s true many people want to see you fall.”

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