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Thika Road traffic snarl-up

By Hillary Kimuyu February 12th, 2021 1 min read

Motorists using Thika Supper Highway were on Friday morning caught in a huge traffic snarl-up leaving thousands of motorists and commuters stranded.

Nairobi Traffic boss Joshua Omukata said the snarl-up was caused by an accident where a concrete mixer truck overturned at Wangari Maathai Road, near Shell Petrol Station.

“A concrete mixer truck overturned on Wangari Maathai road early Friday morning and completely blocked the highway and caused the traffic snarl-up. Two cranes were unable to remove the trailer and a third one was called it and managed to remove it at around 11am,” said Omukata.

He added that the traffic backlog stretches from Ngara centre just outside the CBD all the way past Githurai, but they are doing everything possible to make sure traffic is back to normal.

All traffic on the busy highway was rerouted to the Central Business District (CBD) after the crucial road was rendered impassable.

The backlog of vehicles left several motorists late for work.