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Three arrested for robbing pastor organising Benny Hinn crusade

By Hilary Kimuyu February 24th, 2024 2 min read

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has arrested three people suspected of being behind the abduction of a pastor in Nairobi on Thursday.

The three suspects, identified as Bernard Mbunga Mbusu, Alphonce Munyau, and Samuel Musembi Kamito, were apprehended following reports of their involvement in the abduction and robbery of the pastor near the Nyayo National Stadium.

The pastor, who serves at Christ Church, was on his way to dinner after organizing activities for the upcoming Benny Hinn crusade when he was accosted by three individuals.

The DCI in a statement on Saturday said the three suspects were arrested at their respective residences in Syokimau, Kitengela and Kamito.

According to the report, the assailants forcibly bundled him into a waiting saloon car, where he was stripped naked, photographed, and coerced into divulging his M-Pesa pin under threat of having the photos shared on social media platforms.

Subsequently, an amount of Sh55,000 was transferred from his account to one of the suspects’ phones before he was released.

“Once in the car, the man of the cloth reported to have been stripped naked and photos of him taken before he was forced to reveal his M-PESA pin lest the photos be uploaded on his social media platforms,” the DCI said.

“Complying under duress, Sh55,000 was transferred to one of the suspect’s phone and thereafter he was released,” the DCI added.

The initial suspect, Mbusu, was apprehended at Village Apartment Hse No F2 in Syokimau, where a search yielded three handsets, including an iPhone 13 containing the SIM card used for the illicit transfer of funds, as well as a PDQ bank card swapping machine.

Following interrogation, Mbusu guided the authorities to Stengo 1 Apartment Hse No. E4 in Kitengela, where his accomplice, Munyau, was found in possession of the victim’s phone.

Further investigation led to the apprehension of the third suspect, Kamito, in the Katani area of Athi River.

The trio are being held at Langata Police Station pending their arraignment on Monday.

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