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Three arrested in Nairobi while repackaging expired rice

By Hilary Kimuyu September 20th, 2019 1 min read

Detectives on Thursday arrested three suspects found allegedly repackaging expired rice in Kamukunji, Nairobi.

DCI said they confiscated more than 1,500 bags of assorted rice brands as well as a lorry during the raid.

The suspects were identified as Abdikafi Ahmed, Abdirizack Ahmed and Liban Ahmed Abdille.

In the past few months, sleuths have managed to confiscate tonnes of expired foodstuff and arrested several suspects.

In May, the owner of a go-down in Nairobi’s Kariobagi evaded arrest after detectives from the DCI raided the facility and impounded tonnes of expired rice.

The suspects were found repackaging the rice into new bags bearing expiry dates from June 2019 to 2021.

In the same month, city detectives arrested a suspect found repackaging sugar from a sack labelled Kabras Sugar Company into packets labelled Naivas.

Detectives from Parklands acting on intelligence raided Heykal Packers and Distributors go-down situated within Atlantis Business Park in Embakasi and arrested one suspect.