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TikToker reveals Kenyans are homeless in Canadian after paying Sh1.5m fees

By Winnie Mabel September 29th, 2023 2 min read

A TikToker by the name Steve Safari, a Kenyan immigrant to Canada, revealed the shocking outcome of several Kenyans migrating to Canada being duped and ending up sleeping on Canadian streets.

He said this as he explained he had just been part of a group that had bought hundreds of tents for the Kenyans to camp in enclosed spaces as opposed to simply sleeping on the streets.

“Today, I have just seen Kenyans sleeping outside on the roads like internally displaced persons here in Canada. We’ve been planning this matter for about a week after some guys approached me to be a part of a group to help these people from my country and I said okay. Yesterday, everything was arranged, we were given their numbers, and we fundraised the CAD 12,000 (Sh 1.3 million) that was needed, and we bought warm clothes and blankets, heated jackets, food, flasks, and over 200 tents. We fundraised money to buy Kenyans tents for them to live like they are camping!” began Mr Safari.

He noted that Canada is currently experiencing winter, and people were at risk of dying of hypothermia as is witnessed every year. He also noted that the people who were sleeping on the streets appeared to be well off because some spent up to Sh 1.5 million to immigrate to Canada.

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Mr Safari likened this sleeping outside to how people leave dustbins and lorries outside; or street urchins, wondering why agents are duping people. Mr Safari recalled warning Kenyans interested in migrating to Canada that there is no such person as an agent who will genuinely help them because they are financial scammers.

“For every 4 people who want to migrate, two people are scammed and two people get to travel. And those who do travel only come here to suffer. Kenyans are being scammed and are sleeping outside. I meet a Kenyan and we end up speaking in Kiswahili and then he asks me to give him a blanket. How do I give you a blanked and you are in Canada? Why don’t you go back? You used Sh 500,000, Sh 700k? Sh 800k? to come here and sleep outside? There is no agent who can help you immigrate to Canada,” added Mr Safari.

He called on people to pause and ask themselves why agents were willing to help others travel abroad and they themselves did not want to travel abroad to seek greener pastures as well.

“They can’t get high on their own supply. They know these are fake plans. All agents are conmen. I challenge anyone who is an agent who genuinely brought a Kenyan to Canada and is living a good life here to introduce me to such a person so that I can question the immigrant. If they are both legit, I will give the agent Sh 50,000 and the immigrant Sh 50,000 even if they are 100 people,” said Mr Safari.

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