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Tracy Wanjiru on motherhood, depression

Motherhood is an extraordinary journey that reshapes a woman’s life in countless ways.

Kenyan media personality Tracy Wanjiru shared her profound insights into the complexities of motherhood, providing a candid perspective on the transformative nature of this experience.

Speaking on ‘The Best Kept Secrets Podcast’, the renowned TV host expressed that motherhood is a demanding and challenging experience, one that can completely alter the course of your life.

“Motherhood is so hard and demanding. It takes a lot from you,” said Tracy.

Tracy’s candid advice to those who have the choice to plan their journey into motherhood is a vital one. “If you have the choice to plan, please just plan because a lot of things change,” she wisely advised.

One of the most profound changes that Tracy experienced was a shift in her identity. She shared that during the first year of motherhood, she found herself yearning to revert to her pre-motherhood self. However, she quickly realized that this was an impossible task. The struggle to regain her former identity led to feelings of anxiety and depression, as she found herself locked in a constant battle.

“For me, my identity changed a lot, and I had to find who Tracy is. For the first year of motherhood, I wanted to go back to being the Tracy I was before being a mom but it was impossible. I battled with that because I wanted to go back to doing the things that I was doing, but I couldn’t. So that brought me a lot of anxiety and depressive states because I was fighting,” she disclosed.

Despite the initial challenges, Tracy eventually embraced the changes that motherhood brought into her life.

“I’m glad I embraced it but it took me a while to do that.”

Tracy also emphasized the importance of unlearning certain behaviors and attitudes to prevent them from being passed down to her child.

“The thing that I have learned about motherhood is that you really need to unlearn a lot of things otherwise you will pass it on to your child because these things are mostly subconscious so you will unwillingly pass it,” shared Tracy.

One of the most heartening aspects of Tracy’s journey is how motherhood deepened her connection to spirituality. She noted, “Motherhood heightened my desire to be with God.”

In August 2023, Tracy Wanjiru shared a post with her fans and followers on social media announcing that she was the mother of a two-year-old. She candidly admitted to keeping this news hidden from the public, while also expressing that the past two years have been the most fulfilling phase of her life.

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