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Tragedy as 15-year-old girl attempts suicide after rape by uncle

A 15-year-old girl is admitted at the Maua Methodist Hospital after she tried to commit suicide after being defiled by her uncle on Monday.

The girl’s mother died while she was younger after separating with her husband, something that forced her to live with her grandmother.

On Monday, the Class Seven pupil left school at 5pm and found her aunt and two uncles at home.

One of the uncles and her aunt later left leaving her with the other uncle.

She said: I took some food and went behind a house in the homestead to eat. While there, my uncle kept on calling me on a mobile phone but I didn’t pick it. He wrote a message asking why I didn’t pick his calls but still I did not reply to the messages.”


He later started accusing me of taking away a carpet from his house before he went back into our house holding a panga and ordered the minor to get in.

She hesitated but the furious uncle threatened to kill her if she defied.

“I went into the house as ordered and when I reached where he was, he ordered me to undress and lie on the couch where he repeatedly defiled me before going back to his house, ” she said.

After the heinous act, she said, she decided to take her life.

She went for a herbicide in her grandmother’s house which she took after leaving behind a note explaining the reasons.


Fortunately, her other uncle came back home immediately after she swallowed the herbicide.

He administered some first aid to the girl before taking her to Maua Methodist hospital for further treatment.

The girl, who is responding well to treatment, however, said she was not ready to go back to the homestead again.

“I don’t think I can stand to see this uncle who did this to me. I am better dead than live to see him and keep remembering what he did to me,” she said amid sobbing.

She added that the case has not been reported to police and there was a possibility the family intends to cover it up.

The girl said police officers should take action to ensure justice was delivered and to make it a lesson to others with such behaviour.

She also said the uncle and other members of the family had never visited her since she was admitted in the hospital.