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Trump warns FKF over its opposition to US 2026 Fifa World Cup bid

US President Donald Trump has warned all countries which fit his infamous ‘shithole’ description, Kenya included, not to expect any ‘support’ should they lobby against a joint bid by the US, Canada and Mexico to host the 2026 Fifa World Cup.

In a tweet, the America president said it would be a ‘shame’ if countries that they always support were to lobby against the US bid in favour of Morocco, the only other country bidding for the tournament.

Kenya recently joined the ranks of African nations backing Morocco’s bid to host the tournament.

“Kenya will be firmly behind Morocco’s bid for the 2026 World Cup since the whole of Africa is for Morocco,” Football Kenya Federation chief Nick Mwendwa told a visiting delegation from Morocco, led by Nigerian former international striker Daniel Amokahi.

Such unequivocal sentiments is what appears to have ruffled the American president into his latest tirade directed at countries which receive economic support from the US.


While the joint bid is considered strong enough, many African countries have already declared their support for Morocco’s bid.

The winning bid will be know in July when Fifa’s 209 member associations meet in Congress to vote. The winning country/countries will be granted the hosting rights for the tournament that is played every four years.

The United States, who last hosted the Fifa World Cup in 1994, lost the bid for the 2022 tournament to Qatar.

Fifa has in the meantime responded to Trump by offering a reminder of the World Cup bidding rules.

Those rules warn against activities by bidding country governments which ‘may adversely’ affect the integrity of the bidding process and create a unique influence.