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Truth behind the Malindi cult-like church unveiled by ex-members

Nine followers of the Good News International Church in Kilifi County were rescued and treated for starvation, and now seven of them could face attempted suicide charges.

The group was rounded up when they were discharged from a Malindi hospital, where two were still admitted in critical condition.

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The shocking story of the rescue has left an indelible taint in the hearts of many who were once subscribed to the misleading faith.

The church leader, Paul McKenzie, directed his faithful to fast day and night and wait for death, claiming the world is irredeemable and seeking that they starve themselves to death. Those affected by the teachings of Paul McKenzie narrated their ordeal and called for his prosecution.

Zakayo Munyoki, who divorced his wife of 13 years after she joined the cult, recounted his Sunday struggles with her church teachings.

“Every Sunday when she came from church we would have issues because would say the pastor said this or that and most of the time I wouldn’t agree to what she saying.”

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The cult believed that schools and hospitals were demonic, and Muyoki’s wife even conspired with McKenzie to ferry their children to Tanzania to keep them away from school and her husband, who refused to join the cult.

One woman narrated how her husband cheered as their children starved to death, all in the name of following their leader, who was having all his meals.

Salamu Masha told Citizen TV that they were forbidden to read, have any beauty routines, and treatment in hospitals was frowned upon.

“In the second year [of being part of the church] we were asked to start fasting, and I couldn’t watch her children starve and be hungry and there was food in the house so I told my husband, let me take my children and go to my mother…” Her husband was among those who died.

McKenzie is now in police custody and expected to face murder charges among others.

The county head of investigations revealed that even those rescued and discharged from the hospital are not off the hook, as they could face attempted suicide charges.

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