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Ugandans on the streets ahead of Ruto’s inauguration

By Wangu Kanuri September 12th, 2022 2 min read

Fresh celebrations hit Kampala ahead of William Ruto’s swearing-in as Kenya’s fifth president.

Hundreds of bodaboda were seen in the streets of Kampala on Sunday with many drivers donning yellow jerseys with Ruto’s portraits plus some high-end cars with the same.

Ruto is expected to take an oath of office on Tuesday and officially take over from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Having served as Kenya’s deputy president, Ruto and his boss President Kenyatta have not enjoyed a smooth relationship with the two exchanging words in public.

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The two had a frosty relationship, especially in their second term with President Kenyatta accusing Ruto of absconding from his duties while Ruto said Uhuru let people in who caused their ‘separation.’

Ruto has promised to bring down the cost of fertiliser and tax, after taking office saying that will be his first assignment, in a bid to boost the productivity of food.

In Ruto’s government, miraa cartels and brokers will have it rough with him promising to deal with them as soon as he puts the Bible down.

“Don’t worry about cartels and brokers, I shall deal with them. Soon as I’m sworn in, I’m waging war on them. If you know of any, send them a notice,” he said.

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Ruto is known to be particularly close to Uganda President Yoweri Museveni.

Ruto was once restricted from boarding a flight to Uganda for not seeking clearance as all civil servants are expected to.

This was after his war with President Uhuru Kenyatta began to heighten, but that did not deter Ruto’s relationship with President Museveni.

When Ruto was declared the President-Elect Ugandans in Busia and Malaba, borders alongside Sebei regions took to the street to celebrate his election triumph.

In their hundreds, the jubilant fans thronged the streets with some waving Kenya’s and Uganda flags while singing celebratory songs.

Uganda also has a large population of Ruto’s Kalenjin tribe, known as the Sebei.

Celebrations are being led by Ssempala Said, who describes himself as the president of the Uganda Hustlers movement.

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