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Unanitumia? Zuchu questions Diamond Platnumz in front of their fans

Wasafi record label signee and renowned singer, Zuchu, has playfully but pointedly put her lover, Diamond Platnumz, on the spot regarding their future together, particularly marriage.

The Sukari hitmaker, Zuchu, and Diamond Platnumz were performing their hit song, “Mtasubiri,” on stage when the playful exchange took place.

Zuchu subtly altered some of the song’s lyrics to address her questions about their relationship’s direction.

A video clip shared on social media captures the intriguing moment.

It begins with Diamond asking Zuchu if she loves him, if she wants him, and if she would consider having a child with him.

Zuchu responds affirmatively to each question.

“Zuchu, unanipenda mi?” Diamond asks.

Zuchu shakes her head in disagreement when he inquires about her trust in him.

The playful exchange continues as Zuchu questions Diamond about his feelings for her and their future together.

She asks when he plans to marry her and even wonders aloud if he’s just using her.

Diamond’s laughter and the crowd’s cheers add to the light-hearted atmosphere of the moment.

Zuchu then turns to the audience, encouraging them to chant “marry her,” putting Diamond Platnumz on the spot even more.

In response to the crowd’s chant, Diamond says, “Yes.”

Zuchu’s recent playful questioning of Diamond Platnumz’s commitment is not the first time she has publicly expressed doubts about their relationship.

Back in February, Zuchu publicly announced her decision to end her relationship with Diamond, citing disrespect as the reason for their split.

Despite their history of making amends after disagreements, Zuchu made it clear that she wanted the breakup to be permanent.

However, she also clarified that Diamond would continue to be her business partner going forward.

In response to the breakup, Diamond humbly set aside his pride and sought forgiveness from Zuchu.

“I was advised by my brother Haji Manara to put aside my ego and travel to Zanzibar to seek forgiveness from Zuchu,” Diamond revealed.

“I’m not just here to perform; I’m here to chase after her. Zuhura, (Zuchu) I want you to know how much I love you,” he declared.

Diamond further emphasised his commitment by stating that he had traveled from Dar es Salaam solely to pursue her.

“Even on this stage, I’ve declared my love for her,” he said.