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Undefeated KOT: 15 Trending tweets about Tom Mboya road sign

Well, well, well, it seems like the vandals in Nairobi are up to their old tricks again! Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja is not pleased with their shenanigans and calls for their immediate arrest. Can’t a county have nice things without someone breaking them?

Sakaja is outraged at the destruction of public property. He called the whole thing barbaric.

The governor is also concerned about the cost of repairing the damage. The funds for repair or replacement were not in the budget, and now the county will have to scramble to find the money.

Azimio organized the protests, but it seems like some people took advantage of the situation to cause mayhem. I mean, seriously, who goes around uprooting street signs? That’s just ridiculous.

Lakini Kenyans you are just special.

Ah, how could I forget to mention the most outrageous act of vandalism of them all? One of the protestors was seen carrying the Tom Mboya street sign as if it was some trophy. I mean, really, what’s the point of that?

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Governor Sakaja was not amused by this act of destruction and clarified that those responsible must be held accountable.

I can only imagine how the people trying to find Tom Mboya Street must be feeling right now. They probably have to give directions using landmarks like “the street sign that used to be there.

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Meanwhile, the undefeated Kenyans on Twitter have something to say about this. Here are KOT’s 15 most hilarious tweets on the missing Tom Mboya Street sign.

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