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Viral clip of GSU consoling crying Maandamano protester after arrest

Law enforcement authorities drawn from the General Service Unit in Kenya were caught on camera attempting to console a Maandamano protester they had just arrested for demonstrating on the streets of Kisumu city.

In the video, several police officers escorted a single demonstrator who was found carrying a cooking pot and a spoon- the tools that Azimio La Umoja encouraged their supporters to carry to the streets- into an awaiting police pickup.

The protester breaks down and cries and the GSU officers console him after his arrest. PHOTO| COURTESY

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Of the four officers who had surrounded the unnamed protestor, one held him by the waistband of his trousers and directed him into the back of the pick-up truck. They warned him to stop fighting them because he would get injured badly.

The protestor could be heard telling three officers that he didn’t resist arrest as he told them he had two toddlers in the house depending on him.

“I have two young children my friend. I haven’t made any mistake. I was just trying to head back home. I haven’t killed anyone,” lamented the arrested protestor as his voice began to break in anguish.

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The officers began mocking him, telling him to move further into the pickup and he would be helped at their final destination. One officer told him that they knew he hadn’t killed anyone and that they would help him just as the protester broke down in loud sobs.

The officers began laughing and telling the protester to relax, asking him why he was crying in the first place.

“Why don’t you calm down? Where is your house? Obunga? We will take you to your doorstep. Relax, my man, ok?” said one of the officers as the protester cried for help.

The protester breaks down and cries and the GSU officers console him after his arrest. PHOTO| COURTESY

The protester claimed he had been going home when he came across the cooking pot and spoon and picked them up. He lamented it was then that he was arrested, and the officers stopped him from going home.

The amused officers assured him they would escort him to his house, but the crying protester would hear none.

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March 20, 2023, was announced to be the first of many more Maandamano Monday demonstrations led by the opposition leader, Raila Odinga.

Mr Odinga said the demonstrations are against the high cost of living, against the replacement of Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commissioners who oversaw the disputed General Election that saw William Ruto win and demand that the IEBC computer servers be opened.

Thousands of Kenyans took to the streets in various counties in solidarity with the opposition leaders. The major attraction point was the runaway high cost of living under President William Ruto’s leadership.

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