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‘Give me some time…’ – Witness to Jeff Mwathi’s last moments speaks after link to DJ Fatxo emerges

The story of DJ Fatxo and Jeff Mwathi has recently captivated many’s attention.

While the two may have seemed like unlikely acquaintances, they were brought together by a mutual friend, Ms Faith Mutanu.

According to sources close to the matter, Mutanu played a significant role in linking the two. She was not only a close friend to Jeff but also had a longstanding relationship with DJ Fatxo.

The link between the two has been shrouded in mystery, but it is believed that the DJ owned an apartment called Redwood Suites on USIU Road, Nairobi, where Mutanu frequently visited. In addition, the DJ owned another property in Tatu City in Ruiru, Kiambu County.

Jeff Mwathi, Redwood Apartments where he met his death in DJ Fatxo's apartment.
Jeff Mwathi, Redwood Apartments where he met his death in DJ Fatxo’s apartment. PHOTO| COURTESY

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Close allies of the late Jeff claim that he always referred to Mutanu as his best friend and sister on his social media accounts.

The posts they shared on social media have since been pulled down from his Facebook account after his death in Roysambu, Kasarani Sub County.

While it remains unclear who deleted Jeff’s social media accounts after his death, investigators have ruled out suicide and have launched a homicide investigation.

“The first phase of the investigations included interviewing of the first cluster of witnesses in the case, forensic examination of the scene and retrieval of CCTV footage that captured the deceased’s last moments,” a statement by the DCI read in part.

It further revealed a second phase of the investigation where several persons of interest in the case will be interrogated and appropriate recommendations made before being forwarded to the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (ODPP).

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Mutanu, who sold designer shoes, had contracted the services of Jeff, who designed her shop on the outskirts of Roysambu.

So good was Jeff’s work that he ended up being her manager, and the deceased could market the business on his social media accounts.

The DJ and Jeff met at Mutanu’s shop in November 2021, where the Fatxo bought a pair of shoes. A photo of the meeting shows the two men seated next to Ms Mutanu, all smiles.

A mutual friend between the three said that Ms Mutanu, who is engaged in business, was also close to DJ Fatxo.

“Ms Mutanu was the connection between the two. In fact, DJ Fatxo has been very close to her for years now,” said a mutual friend who did not want to be named due to the matter’s sensitivity.

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DJ Fatxo, Mutanu and the Late Jeff Mwathi.
DJ Fatxo, Mutanu and the late Jeff Mwathi. PHOTO| COURTESY

The recent death of Mr Mwathi has raised questions about the connection between the two men.

In the same week that Jeff passed away, he had sent his mother, Ms Ann Mwathi, a voice note saying that DJ Fatxo had asked him to build and design a shop similar to that he had built for  Mutanu.

When contacted by Nairobi News about his link to the late Jeff, DJ Fatxo neither responded to our calls nor messages. After numerous messages to the DJ on Sunday, March 19, 2023, he switched off his phone, and the messages went unanswered.

On the day Jeff died, Mutanu contacted his girlfriend Faith Wairimu and asked whether she had seen him.

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Wairimu said, “I told her that she was the one who even informed me that he had slept after they drank some alcohol together at a certain bash. Then why was she asking me about his whereabouts.”

On the evening of Sunday, March 19, 2023, Nairobi News contacted Mutanu, who answered our calls but later hung up, promising to call later after this reporter introduced himself.

“This is Faith, give me some time then I will call you back,” she said before hanging up.

She has since turned off her phone and stopped responding to our messages.

She has also turned off the comments on all her social media because of the comments by Kenyans who are seeking to find out what happened to Jeff.

As the investigation continues, the mysterious connection between DJ Fatxo and Jeff Mwathi remains a topic of interest to many. With the promise of further developments, the story is far from over.

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