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Vanessa Mdee hits back at critics for insensitive remarks about her son

Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi, known for their whirlwind romance and adorable family, recently embarked on a vacation to celebrate their son Seven’s second birthday.

However, what should have been a joyous occasion quickly turned contentious as Mdee faced unwarranted criticism regarding her son’s skin tone, sparking a heated debate on social media.

In a surprising turn of events, Vanessa Mdee, who has always shielded her son’s identity from the public eye, found herself compelled to address the controversy surrounding Seven’s appearance. Critics took to Rotimi’s Instagram page during their son’s birthday dedication, expressing their opinions about the toddler’s dark complexion, leaving Vanessa with no choice but to respond.

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In a series of defiant Instagram stories, Vanessa Mdee did not mince her words. With a shake of her head in evident disgust, she exclaimed, “There are fools, yes there are fools, na upumbavu mnaanza kuzungumzia rangi ya ngozi ya mwanangu.” She went on to urge the detractors to desist from their “primitive thinking” and implored them to leave her son alone. Her powerful message concluded with a declaration: “Rangi yake ni rangi yake na ni mzuri” – his skin is his, and it is beautiful.

To emphasize her point, Mdee shared a heartwarming video of Rotimi with their children, enjoying precious family moments in a pool. It was a poignant plea for an end to the unnecessary discussion about her children.

A few days before the controversy erupted, the Tanzanian beauty had penned a touching message for her son, expressing her deep love and pride in him. Her words exuded a sense of hope and optimism for his future. Rotimi, too, got emotional on their son’s birthday, offering a heartfelt prayer for Seven’s success, diligence, and patience as he grows up.

What should have been a day filled with love and celebration for Seven turned into an unfortunate instance of racial controversy. Vanessa Mdee’s unapologetic response to the criticism has ignited discussions about skin color and discrimination in society. It is a poignant reminder that the world still grapples with prejudices based on appearance.

As the controversy rages on, Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi continue to stand united as a family, celebrating the love and joy their son brings to their lives. The incident has sparked a broader conversation about societal biases and the need for greater acceptance and understanding of differences.