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Vera Sidika, Brown Mauzo celebrate second anniversary

Team ‘mtaachana tu’ (you’ll eventually break up), this is for you. I’m here to ask you to swallow the hot potatoes you’ve been juggling in your mouths while swearing that this couple wouldn’t hit any milestones together.

Yes, socialite Vera Sidika and her husband, singer Brown Mauzo have managed to hit the two year mark in their relationship and we are here for it. Taking to social media, Mauzo penned a lovely message to the mother of his adorable daughter, Asia, saying he was extremely blessed.

“Angel, in the past two years, you have shown me the seven colours of your love, like the rainbow. I am really blessed to get the holy touch of your pure love Happy 2nd anniversary to us @queenveebosset,” Mauzo posted on his Insta.

Vera in turn posted a simple “Happy Anniversary” message to Mauzo.

Considering her jet setting socialite lifestyle and posting raunchy videos of her well-endowed body in various, questionable poses and dance styles, it came as a surprise that the self-proclaimed diva ended up settling down in marriage and having a baby.

The two got together at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in Kenya in August 2020. They dated for six months before they realized Vera was pregnant with Asia and having been keeping family life under wraps if not for unexpected life social media updates such as a ‘half birthday’ party event for their child.

Many thought Vera would end up with a foreigner as was her preferred taste in men. It, therefore, came as a shocker that she started a relationship with Mauzo. It was at this time that fellow socialite Amber Ray began stirring up trouble – revealing details of her relationship with Mauzo who was her ex-boyfriend just before he took up with Vera.

It is why to this day, Amber Ray has no chills when she goes around calling Vera Sidika a fake. But as I told team ‘mtaachana tu’- like Amber Ray – we are here for a settled and content babe like Vera and we wish the couple all the happiness in their marriage.