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Vera Sidika claps back at 2mbili’s talent remark like a queen

In the realm of social media, even the queen occasionally steps down from her throne to address her subjects.

Recently, Vera Sidika found herself at the center of attention when content creator 2mbili name-dropped her in a video discussing talented and talentless Kenyan musicians.

The remarks by 2mbili were made during the premiere video of Mlami Mwitu’s YouTube channel, where he invited 2mbili as his first guest to delve into his career and personal life.

During the conversation, Mlami Mwitu asked 2mbili about artists he would like to collaborate with, seeking names of those he believed had talent. Without hesitation, 2mbili mentioned Vera Sidika.

Amidst laughter, 2mbili mocked Vera, questioning her talent and jokingly remarking, “Ah, Vera Sidika, what talent does she have? Yes, she can make sounds, but where does one say she truly delivers vocally?”

Not stopping there, 2mbili couldn’t contain his amusement when Diana B’s name was mentioned, exclaiming, “I’m out of here, bro!”

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Vera Sidika, being the queen she is, didn’t let the comments slide. She reshared 2mbili’s remarks on her Instagram story and, in response, tagged him and called him savage. Sharing a laughing emoji, Vera playfully acknowledged his audacity.

Using another emoji of a man shyly covering his face, Vera shared the link to the original video to show that there are no hard feelings.

It’s worth noting that Vera Sidika has been on a musical hiatus, with her last song release, Popstar, dating back eight months.

Nevertheless, her existing music catalog boasts impressive view counts. Her song Nalia currently leads the pack with 1.7 million views.

Five years ago, Vera launched her YouTube channel, which has garnered a dedicated following of over 127k subscribers.

On the channel, she shares videos about her business ventures, children, and music.

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