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Viral video shows public apprehending ‘medicine thief’ at Kisii Hospital

By Sammy Waweru February 21st, 2023 2 min read

A video has emerged reportedly showing a person believed to be a medic illegally removing drugs from Kisii General hospital.

The exact date of the incident is unknown though it is claimed the incident occurred on February 20, 2023.

The 2 minute, 51 seconds video, shows the irate public confronting the accused who is clad in a white dustcoat and a bag, at one of the hospital’s corridors.

Seemingly, he was leaving the facility when the vigilant members of the public caught up with him.

They angrily instruct him to go back to the office.

“Hakuna, hiyo bag huwezi enda nayo. Rudisha bag kwa ofisi mahali tulikuwa. Unaenda nayo kwa nini?” one of them seeks to know, as the rest force him back to office.

The victim tries to block them from filming him, but his effort goes futile.

“Unatoroka kwa nini? Kazi itafanyika vile gavana anastahili kufanya kweli?” goes on the confrontation, as they call on Kisii Governor, Mr Simba Arati to take action against rogue medical practitioners.

The upset public is also heard speaking in local dialect, and when the suspect is taken to the office and the bag opened, a variety of medicines are recovered.

“KISII: Yesterday, this ‘medic’ was arrested by vigilante members of the public as he tried to smuggle medicines worth thousands of shillings from Kisii General Hospital to a Chemist he runs across the road. The man who raised the alarm had noted the pharmacist making several trips to a chemist carrying a back pack,” Simon Mwangi Muthiora wrote on his Facebook on Tuesday.

He also shared the video, citing a number of such similar cases happening within Kiambu County.

“We may jump and protest the whole day and blame the governors, but unless these cartels working outside major hospitals are dealt with, nothing will change,” he stated.

Incidences of medical practitioners working in government hospitals, sneaking out medicines and allegedly selling at their own chemist shops and health facilities are common in the country.

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