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Waiguru asks men to support women candidates for gubernatorial positions

By Mercy Simiyu February 27th, 2024 1 min read

Council of Governors chairperson Anne Waiguru has called on second-term male governors to support female candidates as their replacement.

The county boss, who hails from Kirinyaga, emphasised the importance of men supporting women who seek political office. She explained this is one of the ways to achieve the 30% gender constitutional requirement.

Waiguru, who is serving her second and final term, spoke at the G7-16 strategy pre-launch in Homa Bay County.

She further highlighted the necessity for collaborative efforts to empower women in political leadership.

“The G7-16 Strategy will facilitate women leaders in increasing their representation in gubernatorial positions from the current 7 (governors) to 16,” stated Waiguru.

The strategy, set to be unveiled at the G7-16 Strategy Pre-launch, aims to elevate the number of women governors in the country, fostering a more gender-inclusive political landscape.

Governor Waiguru urged women leaders to harness their full potential, positioning themselves as G7 champions in their respective counties.

She reiterated that the G7 initiative’s vision extends beyond politics, seeking to empower women leaders across social, economic, and political sectors.

The call for support from second-term male governors comes at a time when efforts to bridge the gender gap in leadership positions is gaining momentum.

As the nation gears up for future elections, Governor Waiguru’s appeal signals a push for a more equitable representation of women in the gubernatorial sphere, aligning with constitutional directives and fostering a more inclusive political environment.

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