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WATCH: Bahati, ‘tipsy’ Diana Marua argue at night club

In a recent video that has set tongues wagging across social media platforms, Diana Marua, wife of Kenyan singer Bahati, was captured appearing intoxicated after an event, creating a stir online.

The footage, recorded by Bahati while the couple was heading home, showcases Diana in a candid moment of revelry, lecturing her husband about not allowing her to fully enjoy herself at a club.

In the video, Diana emphatically states:

“I have not enjoyed the way I wanted to. Tomorrow I call the shots. You will not remove me from the club the time you want. I will be the one telling you when to go home. I am on top of the seats enjoying myself. I enjoyed myself showing people how to dance.”

Bahati, seemingly embarrassed, responds, “Everyone was looking at you. Didn’t you see you were embarrassing yourself?”

Undeterred, Diana asserts her desire to indulge even more, stating, “I enjoyed myself 70%. Tomorrow, I will enjoy myself 100%. Cleopas Malala, this tournament was meant for me to enjoy myself.”

This incident is not the first time the couple has been captured inebriated.

In July 2023, a viral video surfaced featuring Bahati and Diana engaged in what appeared to be drunken revelry at a nightclub.

Shared on Diana Marua’s Instagram stories, the footage showed her getting close with rapper KRG the Don, while Bahati seemingly enjoyed a glass of what many assumed to be alcohol.

One segment of the video displayed Diana dancing intimately with KRG the Don, drawing attention and raising eyebrows online.

Despite the controversy, Bahati appeared unfazed, recording the incident without intervening.

The couple’s public display of intoxication has sparked debates about their behavior, with some expressing concern over their actions.