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Watch: Colonel Mustapha spotted working in mjengo, netizens react

The TikTok footage of Colonel Mustafa doing manual labour at a construction site has gone viral among Kenyans, eliciting a range of emotions and reactions.

Netizens were taken aback by the sight of the famous musician lifting stones with his fellow workers and questioned the status of his singing career.

There were also calls to stop the trend of criticising and mocking former celebrities, with supporters arguing that these individuals have the right to live their lives as they see fit because they are human beings.

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Others chose to focus on the positive, speculating that the Katika hitmaker could be building his own home or helping out a friend.

The video sparked a conversation about the treatment of celebrities in society and the importance of empathy and understanding.

TikToke user Jean-Gin seemed frustrated by people’s opinions of Mustafa, suggesting that the celebrity confuses them until they learn to mind their own business.

Another user, Baddie on a jewellery budget, took a more sympathetic approach, hoping for a comeback for the singer.

Mish speculated that Mustafa might be building his own mansion and was happy to help out by supervising the building site.

Zee Purie, meanwhile, saw the job as an honest one that put food on the table and emphasised the unpredictability of life.

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Mbichwa suggested that Mustafa was doing well and could work on his project.

Ian Rono hinted that the singer was about to release a song.

Away from music, Mustapha has also appeared on a Kenyan reality show, Nairobi Diaries.

In 2022, he revealed that he suffered from depression after leaving the popular reality show ‘Nairobi Diaries’.

In an interview with The Trend, Mustapha said things have been tough, forcing him to disappear from social media for a while.

He has not released a song for almost five years but is currently working on an album.

“It’s been five years since I released music. Now I am back,” he said. “I had depression at some point, about two or three years after I left ‘Nairobi Diaries’, and things went bad.”

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Watch the video below:


What Happened to colonel Mustapha?? 😭😭😭😭

♬ Hey Baby (feat. Marya) – Colonel Moustapha

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