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How ‘herpes’ scandal affected DK Kwenye Beat’s music and family

“Five years ago, I was involved in a scandal that brought my music career to a standstill,” said gospel artist DK Kwenye Beat, reflecting on his past.

Along with another gospel artist, he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman and infecting her with Herpes.

“Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted infection (STI). It causes herpetic sores, which are painful blisters (fluid-filled bumps) that can break open and ooze fluid.”

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In an interview with Bahati and Diana Marua on their YouTube Channel, the gospel singer opened up about the scandal and its aftermath.

He revealed that he and his wife were expecting a child at the time the scandal broke, and they chose to keep the pregnancy a secret.

“When we found out that my wife was expectant, we decided to tell our mothers only. She told her mum and I told mine. No one else knew,” he said.

“We came up with a schedule where if she wanted to go to the clinic, we would call a cab. We normally took our walks at night. Whenever she got bored, I was the one who drove her to her mother’s place.”

DK Kwenye Beat explained that during the time when he and his wife were keeping their pregnancy a secret, they asked their mothers to do their food shopping and cooking to avoid being seen in public.

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“People only found out we were having a child when she had already been born.

Some people still felt like my wife and I didn’t deserve a child and a beautiful one for that matter,” he said.
Despite the negative opinions of some, DK and his wife found happiness in their daughter’s arrival.
“At some point, we had talked about relocating but our daughter brought so much joy into our lives,” he added.
Their daughter’s presence in their lives ultimately helped them to overcome the difficulties brought about by the scandal and move forward.
DK Kwenye Beat also spoke about the role of his wife, Shanice Wangeci, in his life during the difficult times following the scandal.
“My wife was not in Kenya at the time when the scandal came up. So I had to call her and tell her what to expect,” he shared.
He expressed his gratitude towards her for being a constant source of support and encouragement, especially during his struggles with depression.
“Many times I have reached the end but she always encourages me to stand up and try again,” DK said.

DK also shared that he was dropped as a brand ambassador because of the scandal, but has since found a way to move on and continue with his music career.

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