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How Kenyan gospel artistes who moved to America are faring on

Several Kenyan musicians have relocated to the United States of America at one point or another. Some went and came back to become even bigger names in the Kenyan entertainment industry, while others chose to remain in the land of opportunities.

Among the Kenyan gospel artistes who continue to live and work in the US are a handful who relocated there and have been thriving there since then.

One of them is Gloria Muliro, who moved to the US after tying the knot with her Kenyan-American husband, Evans Sabwami in October 2021, in New York, two weeks after they held their traditional wedding ceremony in Eldoret, Kenya.

The couple have been running their church, Lovestream Church, located in the city of New Rochelle, about 30 minutes north of New York City. They opened the church in September 2022. Gloria has also been ministering in several churches and leadership conferences across the US where she also performs her hit songs.

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In February 2023, gospel musician Lady Bee revealed to Kenyans that Gloria and Evans had welcomed a child. So happy and content is Gloria that at times, when she misses home, she prepares foods loved by Kenyans including chapati. In one video, she showed off her chapati making skills to the amazement of her followers.

Life in the US for Gloria appears to be far better than what she endured following the scandal that involved her cheating ex-husband and their messy divorce. They had no children together.

Gospel musician Eunice Njeri is also based in the US. A scroll through her Instagram account shows a busy musician who ministers the word of God across several American states including Texas, Delaware, Georgia, California and Massachusetts.

Eunice Njeri with her only child.
Eunice Njeri with her only child. PHOTO| COURTESY

Prior to leaving Kenya, Eunice had endured negative publicity from an annulled marriage that did not last a day in 2016. She said she realized her mistake in marrying her ex-husband and immediately asked for the wedding to be annulled.

She returned to Kenya and went silent for a while and focused on her ministry. Years later, she emerged with a new husband, Mr Muthii, with whom she tied the knot in 2021, and the couple was blessed with a baby boy in 2022. Eunice is also still releasing new music as she leads worship at the Mosaic Church located in Texas.

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Benachi, born Benson Ongachi, is another Kenyan gospel musician who relocated to the US. He became an American citizen after marrying his Kenyan-American wife in 2016, and they later had children.

At the height of his music career, Benachi went on a media tour in Delaware, America and he liked the place. It was then that he decided he would also like to hold American citizenship and was at a loss over how to go about it. He was given options of how he could acquire citizenship but they were illegal.

It was then that he prayed to God that he would meet a good woman who would become his wife; and God did. He met his wife at a church.

Today, Benachi runs a car rental company in America and another one that takes care of the elderly. He has also acquired property, including a house and several vehicles that he praises God for on social media.

He also continues to release new music with his latest release being the Not Alone album which has songs such as Jina La Yesu and I Need You.

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