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WATCH: Linturi stopped from preaching politics in church

Meru Senator Mithika Linturi was forced to apologize to a church congregation after the priest stopped him for politicking in church.

As per a clip on social media, CITAM church presiding bishop Calisto Odede is seen intervening and asking the politician to ensure his comments respect the views of everyone.

The controversial Linturi had been called upon to address the congregation  in the event meant to enhance peace, cohesion, prosperity and development towards the coming Election.

But he soon switched to criticizing Raila Odinga, his political opponent before Odede stepped in.

“People have been fighting because there is an individual who does not accept results once they are announced,” Linturi stated in an apparent reference to Odinga.

“As a church we try to minister to people from different political background without creating any sense of animosity,” explained the man of cloth.

Linturi had no choice but to apologize, saying politics can at times be emotional. “I’m sorry. These things can sometimes be emotional and I apologize profusely to the church.”

In 2021, The National Council of Churches of Kenya banned political leaders from speaking to the congregation from the pulpit.

The Council expressed concerns its politicians were consistently passing messages of hate, division and discord from the pulpit and in churches.