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WATCH: Rapper Nyashinski serenades wife Zia Bett in new hit ‘Perfect Design’

Rapper Nyashinski, has once again left his fans in awe with his latest musical offering, ‘Perfect Design.’

In a move that’s capturing hearts online, Nyashinski dedicates this new song to his beloved wife, Zia Bett.

The highly-anticipated track premiered on October 25, 2023, and it’s safe to say that Kenyans were waiting with bated breath to listen to Nyashinski’s heartfelt lyrics.

In this romantic song which had amassed 150,000 hits in the first day, Nyashinski pours out his emotions, expressing his deep love and appreciation for his wife.

In ‘Perfect Design,’ Nyashinski sings:

“I love you like I never loved in my life. So love me like you’ve never loved in your life. Whenever we’re together, ooh, life’s so nice. Kama sijakupenda then I never loved in my life. You in my life so love me like you never.”

Accompanying the song is a touching music video that features Zia Bett.

She makes appearances wearing a two-piece denim outfit in various scenes, as Nyashinski serenades her and sings about their beautiful love story.

It’s evident that she is not just his muse but also his pillar of strength, and their love story is beautifully depicted in the video.

Nyashinski had been teasing his fans with hints of a new project over the past couple of days, often mentioning that “Love, like Life, is Perfectly Designed.”

Now, with the release of ‘Perfect Design,’ he has certainly lived up to the hype.

Fans of Nyashinski have flooded social media with their reactions to the song:

@jamesn3544: “Nyashinski’s latest song has moved me beyond words. It feels like he’s uncovered the deepest emotions within me and set them to music. Each lyric resonates with my soul, and every note is a heartfelt echo of my own feelings. This is more than just a song; it’s a journey through the chambers of my heart. Thank you, Nyashinski, for sharing your soul with us.”

@djem_one1176: “There has never been, and I don’t think there will be another one like this guy. He’s the most precious thing to music because he makes it so well that no other can do it. Well-calculated lyrics and music that will last forever and relate with most who find the good thing… you, sir, are a genius in this world. Naweza chukua time na wewe than the 500k.”

@joramwaish: “Nyashinski always keeps it simple, but the message is massive with his poetry. No drama but pure music niceness. Our very own GOAT King Nyash.”

@Deno-ml7yb: “In the world, we now need artists like Shinski, high in creativity. We are now shifting from mdundo to pure talent. Proud of you, big brother, much love.”