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WATCH: Tanzanian MP claims ‘witchcraft charms’, sign of ill health

Tanzanian lawmaker, Jesca Msambatavangu, has strongly suggested that the use of witchcraft charms is a sign of mental ill health.

The charms are believed to attract riches, shun evil people and grow businesses and improve relationships are widely used in the African communities despite religious people disagreeing with their beliefs.

While addressing her concerns in Parliament, Msambatavangu, the Iringa Mjini MP said, “Honourable Speaker take a keen look at the mental health of our fellow Tanzanians.

You can see a woman carrying a smart bag and think the bag has valuables. But if you check, you will find a bottle of water given by a ‘prophet’ so that she can acquire cars, houses and riches.”

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Additionally, inside the bag, there could also be a calabash given as a décor ornament that she can use to improve her marriage, “Some salt for enticing customers to her business place and so many other things that clearly show people’s mental health is wanting.”

Throwing the dice at the Tanzanian Cabinet Minister, the lawmaker added, “This is a critical issue and I’m requesting you have a budget allocated for helping Tanzanians with mental ill health.”

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Saying that even the Bible says that God blesses the work of people’s hands and not walking with water from River Jordan or River Mweu, Mp Msambatavangu opined that young people are failing to tie the knot due to mental ill health

“There are so many young people who fear getting married or marrying. If you ask them why they say they are still young yet years are progressing. His or her mind is not reasoning well enough to note that they are of age and need to have a spouse.”

Adding that if mental ill health is left unsolved then the country will be hit with poverty, the Iringa Mjini parliamentarian explained that the ability of people to recreate wealth reduces.

“Marriages are breaking because of mental ill health amongst couples. We have ensured loans are easily accessible but they are taking loans everywhere leading to divorces since the debtor does not know how to recreate more money with the debt they took.”

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