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WATCH: Ugandan shocked as Kenya Police van denied right of way on Nairobi Expressway

By Winnie Mabel November 1st, 2023 2 min read

A visiting Ugandan in Kenya expressed shock when he witnessed and recorded an incident on the Nairobi Expressway whereby a Kenya Police officer was denied right of way at a toll station.

In the video going viral online, the police officer drove onto the ETC lane at the tollway- where motorists who prepay their passage use- and was directed by a toll booth attendant to reverse away and use the correct lane.

“In Nairobi, even the police are bounced when they try to use the wrong route. But in Kampala, my goodness, Kampala has a second-hand vehicle they’ll drive on the pavement and no one will contest. They have kicked out the cops,” said the male Ugandan.


Uganda Police are known for their brutal arrests and manhandling of citizens in public.

This was witnessed in October 2023 when they arrested journalists who had arrived at Entebbe International Airport to cover the ‘One Million March’ against the government that opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine had called on his supporters to join. The police claimed the reporters were disrupting operations at the airport and proceeded to destroy their equipment.

In reaction, many tweeps congratulated the poll booth attendant while others mocked the Ugandan for “witnessing democracy firsthand.” Others told off the police officer for his impunity.

“National Police Service, your police officers are back with KANU regime behaviors of impunity on our roads. Strange it’s no longer about security but escorting politicians to hotels in a convoy. Shameful scenarios. CS Kindiki Kithure you should curb this. Security is paramount to other locals,” said Issah Khaleed.

“Those who drive GoK vehicles think they’re above the law and can do what they think …not what’s right,” added Rusty Case.

“The things that Uganda finds unique,” opined Felix Owino.

“No special treatment for the government!” added Carol Mallan.

“Nothing to do with the lady…That’s the “prepaid” lane… unless you have a paid-up ETC there’s no way the gate will open….🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️,” said J. M. Wambugu.

According to the Highway Code of Kenya, a select group of people have the right of way on roads.

They include emergency vehicles that have their lights and sirens on and are on their way to an emergency, police vehicles with their sirens on, and the presidential motorcade. Any other situation that would warrant a right of way for a motorist is only when directed by traffic police officers.

However, in Kenya, government vehicle drivers and some senior civil servants often abuse this Code by bullying other motorists off the road so they can pass in the middle. This has often been reported on Langata and Kiambu roads which provide access to the homes of top civil servants residing in Karen and Muthaiga, Runda, and other leafy suburbs along the road respectively.

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