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Welder admits to injuring colleague in fight over hacksaw

A man who injured his colleague in a fight over a hacksaw has pleaded guilty to charges of causing grievous harm.

Nicholas Oluoch admitted to hitting Julius Ochieng with a metal rod at their workshop at Olympic, in Kibera, Nairobi, on May 8.

Oluoch told chief magistrate Joyce Gandani that the colleagues share the hacksaw but he’d gotten a job elsewhere and needed to use the hacksaw. Ochieng, though, restrained him from leaving with it.

The court heard that the complainant had seen Oluoch leaving with a hacksaw and intercepted him before he boarded a motorcycle. An argument between them ensued and their colleagues turned up.

They pulled Oluoch back into the workshop to resolve the dispute over the hacksaw but there was no agreement.

Ochieng retained the power cable that Oluoch was to use on the electric saw and a commotion ensued during which he took a piece of metal and hit him below the left eye causing him a serious injury.

Oluoch told Gandani that he needed to go for the job to get money and travel to attend to his ailing father. He was remorseful and sought leniency.

Gandani ordered for a social inquiry report of Oluoch before sentencing him but noted that Oluoch had pleaded guilty to the charges and was remorseful.