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What next for Jubilee party?

Once hailed as a formidable force in Kenyan politics, the Jubilee Party finds itself engulfed in a storm of chaos and infighting.

The squabbles have affected the party’s profile amid escalating tensions and strained relationships which raises questions about the leadership and direction of the former ruling party.

At the center of the conflict are two factions vying for control.

The first faction, led by Sabina Chege and Kanini Kega, has taken the controversial step of suspending party members namely former president Uhuru Kenyatta who is the party leader citing the law that prohibit a former President from holding office in a political party six months after ceasing to hold the office as the President.

During the party National Delegates Conference (NDC) in Nairobi the other faction led by Uhuru Kenyatta in turn expelled officials they termed as several party rebels, including nominated Ms Chege, a nominated lawmaker, EALA legislator Kanini Kega and Nelson Dzuya.

The power struggle within Jubilee has sent shockwaves throughout the political landscape, leaving observers and party members alike pondering what comes next. Several possibilities loom on the horizon:

1. Ceasefire negotiations: Recognizing the destructive nature of the infighting, influential figures from both factions might seek mediation and call for a ceasefire. This would involve key party members engaging in dialogue and finding common ground to reconcile their differences, and preserving the unity of the party.

2. Chege faction emerges victorious: If Sabina Chege manages to garner sufficient support within the party, she could seize control and push for a change in leadership. Such a move could potentially lead to the ousting of former president Uhuru Kenyatta, thereby reshaping the party’s course.

3. Uhuru withdrawal: Alternatively, there is a possibility that Mr Kenyatta, feeling disillusioned by the internal strife, may choose to distance himself from the party altogether. This move could result in a mass exodus of loyalists who align themselves with the former president, leaving Jubilee weakened and searching for a new identity.

4. Joining other former ruling parties: With the disarray within Jubilee becoming increasingly apparent, Jubilee risks joining other former ruling political parties namely KANU, NARC, PNU, as political outfits that faded from the scene after the partly leader lost the seat of power.

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