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What Pakistan is demanding from Kenya over Arshad Sharif’s murder

By Nyaboga Kiage November 7th, 2022 2 min read

Pakistan government now want the Kenyan authorities to urgently share information on phone calls that were made to the last people who were seen with slain journalist Mr Arshad Sharif before he died.

Mr Sharif was last seen with Mr Khuram Ahmad who was his driver on October 23, 2022, the day he was shot dead by police officers along Magadi Road, Kajiado County.

The other person o interest to the Pakistani government is Mr Waqar Ahmed and his wife Ms Morin Waqar who ran a joint known as Ammodump Kwenia, which was the last place the journalist was seen alive.

Investigations by Nairobi News now reveal that a sponsor letter for Mr Sharif to visit Kenya was sent by the two brothers Mr Ahmad and Mr Ahmed.

Geo News of Pakistan reported that already the Pakistan government had sent a letter to Kenya on the same.

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“The Pakistan government need help on various areas to assist in the murder inquiry of Mr Sharif who was killed in Kenya,” the media house reported.

“The Pakistan government has called on the Kenyan National Police services to provide its finding in Sharif’s killing case including the initial report of the incident; names and contact details of the instructors and trainers who were getting training at AmmoDump Training Camp at the time of the shooting,” it further reported.

The Pakistan authorities also want the Kenyan National Police Service (NPS) to share the names, ranks and contact details of the police officers who were manning a roadblock where Mr Sharif was allegedly shot.

Already, the government of Kenya has said Mr Sharif was allegedly shot at by officers attached to the General Service Unit (GSU) who had erected a roadblock using stones along Magadi Road as they were in pursuit of a stolen motor vehicle.

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It is worth noting that Mr Ahmed was the one who was hosting the celebrated Pakistan journalist here in Kenya after he fled his home country due to consistent threats to his life.

The Toyota Land Cruiser that the two were using on the day he was killed is registered to Mr Ahmed.

Sharif was a harsh critic of the Pakistani government led by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, who took over power in April, following the ouster of his predecessor Imran Khan.

He fled Pakistan in May for Dubai before he came to Kenya, citing threats to his life that he attributed to his publication of stories critical of the new administration. He was also about to release an investigative documentary that makes allegations of corruption by ruling party leaders in Pakistan.

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