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Where massage turns to steamy session

By BRIAN WASUNA February 7th, 2014 2 min read

After getting contacts of some of the brothels disguised as massage parlours, we arrive at a block of apartments on Marcus Garvey Road in Hurlingham.

“I am Tricia, welcome, please make yourself comfortable in the room at the end of the hall,” says the girl as she takes my hand and leads me into the apartment.

The room is furnished with a comfortable bed, a cushioned chair and a television set. They also provide free wi-fi, which she mentions as she steps out. After agreeing on Sh2,000 for both the room and the girl I choose, she leaves me in the room and closes the door.

“Hi, I’m Sarah,” says a young, tall, light skinned, nearly naked lady, who proceeds to the centre of the room and spins around to show me what she has to offer. She then walks out.

This is repeated by five other girls, and eventually Tricia returns and tells me they are ready to be chosen.

“Personally I will take Sh5,000 for the whole night, but the Sh1,000 for the accommodation is non-negotiable according to my boss,” she adds.

The deep voice in the next room is evidence that the place is run by a man, as does her reference to the boss as ‘he’ in our conversations.

After leaving, the guard at the gate tells us that the apartment has been rented as a massage parlour, although the neighbours are unaware of the fact.

“He runs the business and there are very many ladies in there,” he says before the caretaker calls him aside, and seemingly warns him not to talk to us, as he had seen us take photos of the apartment blocks.

Upon returning he tells us to leave the premises immediately as we are not allowed to be there.

We then make our way to Ngong Road, where we are met by a lady at the door. While still haggling over the cost, she insists that we move to the bedroom. My colleagues posing as house hunters seem to have raised her suspicions.

In the living room are two other women watching a movie on a 42 inch TV set and in another room a fourth woman takes a nap.

“We cannot go below Sh2,500, and that will be for the massage and extras. We do not do overnight stays here, but if you’re interested in a particular girl you can agree on where you will go for the night and how much you will pay her,” she says.

I agree to her terms, and ask to leave for the ATM before returning.

We leave shortly after talking to the caretaker who says his suspicions have always been high on what goes on in the apartment.