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Court allows millionaire Italian woman to divorce Kenyan man

The High Court in Malindi has dissolved a three-year marriage between a Kenyan and an Italian woman after the man turned into a drug addict.

The woman’s petition to have the marriage dissolved was allowed after the court found that she had proved her case.

According to the divorce proceedings, the couple got married in 2012 at the Mombasa registrar’s office and they thereafter resided in Watamu, Malindi.


In her testimony, the woman told the court that her husband had become a drug addict. She took him to a rehabilitation centre without any success.

Further, she said she gave the man money to buy land where they could build a house but he failed to do so.

The petition also states that the man was given Sh6 million by the woman to buy a house but he squandered the money.

The court further heard that the respondent had turned out to be abusive and kept on asking for more money to buy drugs.

Her evidence was that the man initially agreed to go for rehabilitation, and she even paid for the costs, but he ran away and resorted to selling items from their home.


“From the evidence of the petitioner and the petition itself, it is clear to me that there is no love between the two parties. The respondent seems to be taking advantage of the petitioner,” said Mr Justice Said Chitembwe in his judgment.

The Judge noted that it is evident that the woman has been subjected to cruelty by the husband who seems to have entered into the marriage for his own financial gain.

“The marriage has irretrievably broken down and there is no hope of reconciliation,” the judge said.

The man was served with suit papers by the wife but failed to defend the petition.

Justice Chitembwe declared the marriage between the Kenyan and Italian woman dissolved and directed each party to bear its costs.