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Why I changed my mind on a white wedding – Akothee

By Freya Wanjiku February 6th, 2023 2 min read

Singer Esther Akoth alias Akothee has jotted down reasons why she feels a white wedding is overrated.

The self-proclaimed president of single mothers who is planning for her wedding shared a photo of herself dressed in Maasai regalia praising the beauty of the outfit.

In a long Instagram post, the Kula Ngoma na Mama Oyoo hitmaker said that the white gown and wedding is a colonial-inspired mentality that has since brainwashed Kenyans into forgetting different communities’ beautiful and rich culture.

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Akothee staring as a photo of her and fiance Omosh. PHOTO| COURTESY

Adding that dumping the beautiful traditions has resulted in people taking loans, borrowing money, hosting fundraisers and taking pledges in a bid to have a humongous white wedding.

Akothee said that the validation people seek will affect their marriage from the beginning, thanks to the accumulating debts.

“Starting your love life with controlling and managing calls, of who was not paid for what and when? Why are we subjecting ourselves to unnecessary pressure just for validation that we are doing well?” she asked.

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Explaining that traditional weddings are equally good and one gets a marriage certificate that is honoured by the law courts of Kenya, Akothee advised, “Stop hiring gowns, get a good designer to design your African outfit that will remain as a mark in your relationship, that you will wear during your anniversaries, and also your burial remember till death do us part! Now once return the hired gowns, what will you show your kids?”

Nonetheless, she urged ladies to stop putting pressure on themselves, noting that there is the wedding and living with the person you have married, and it is not wise to start your life together with debts.

“But if you can afford it, baby girl go for it, but just don’t forget to do for us a small traditional marriage ceremony that will revive our culture so we can also associate with you.”

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