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KU to arm students with ropes and ladders against terror threats

Kenyatta University is planning to equip its students with ropes and ladders for use during emergencies like terror attacks and fires.

Vice Chancellor Olive Mugenda told a stakeholders forum on Monday that the ropes and ladders will be issued to students residing in upper floors of hostels.

The strategy is meant to prevent deaths by students who jump through windows of storeyed buildings during such emergencies.

“We are planning to get ladders and special ropes for use by students residing in upper floors of the hostels for use during emergencies,” Prof Mugenda told the forum at the Kenya Institute of Curriculu Development.

The Vice Chancellor also said the institution has increased the number of Administration Police officers at the institution from 26 to 45.

The university also plans to establish a dog unit in efforts to enhance security.

Education Secretary Prof Jacob Kaimenyi  urged private and public universities to enhance security within their premises due to the growing threat of terrorism.