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Why older women in relationships with younger men have more fun!

Call them what you want- mumama, Aunty wa Harrier of Senje– but older women are living life and enjoying it to the fullest in the company of their younger lovers.

These women are leading stable and accomplished lives, have lived out and outgrown their FOMO years, have their own fully furnished homes or apartments, drive whatever vehicles suit their fancy and are now focused on enjoying and harvesting from their investments in whatever form they come in.

They have their lives figured out and the only flip flopping issue in their lives is romance- because love is not easy!

Genuine romance, characterized by deep emotional connection, mutual respect and authentic affection is a rare treasure in today’s world. The love and dating scene is often dominated by superficial interactions and fleeting encounters such as one night stands, friends with benefits and ‘situationships’. This makes finding a relationship built on genuine love and understanding a daunting task.

These older women understand that.

And while their male counterparts in the same age bracket may either be ‘happily’ married with kids or galivanting about with dogo dogos, older women take their time to find the right person to suit their romantic needs- and sometimes, the right person can be a younger lover.

Yes. If men can chase younger girls and get celebrated as ‘legends’ for juggling several mistresses at once in addition to their model-thin wives, why should women seriously dating younger men- without they casual factor- be considered an issue?

For some women, the appeal of younger lovers lies in the energy, enthusiasm and sense of adventure they bring to the relationship. Younger partners often exude a refreshing vitality and openness to new experiences which can be seductive for women seeking excitement and spontaneity in their lives. In comparison, some older lovers can tire out more easily, can chose to be laid back because they already did all the fun things while younger and just want a chill life and have many other priorities such that love ranks lower in the list.

Why, then, should she older women be shamed or guilt tripped for finding what she wants in a younger lover? Has she done anything illegal? Immoral? Has she robbed the cradle?

Additionally, younger lovers may offer a different perspective and a willingness to challenge traditional norms and expectations, leading to more dynamic and fulfilling interactions. This move away from conventional expectations of a man being older than his women in their relationship is also empowering for women who chose to be with younger lovers.

Having younger lovers allows older women to break free from society’s expectations and explore relationships based on genuine connection and compatibility over age-related stereotypes. They get the freedom to pursue love that fits their personal desires and goals, regardless of age.

And so, to anyone who demands that women be younger than their male lovers; and ridicules them for having younger lovers, you need to crawl out from underneath that stone age rock and realize life and situations change whether you support or oppose them.

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