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Woman defiles best friends teen son

A 42 – year- old woman who allegedly forced his friend’s 13-year-old son into sex with her before the minor was sodomised inside her house in Jamaica area within Lungalunga slums in Nairobi was charged with gang rape.

At the Makadara Law Courts, the woman is accused of committing the offence jointly with a man who sodomised the victim on November 11 this year. The man is still at large.

She is facing an additional charge of committing an indecent act with a minor contrary to section 11 (1) of the Sexual Offences Act of 2006.

The victim had been sent to the accused person’s house by his mother at around 9pm.

The accused reportedly told the minor to sleep in her house together with her children since it was late to return home and he agreed.

The suspect spread a mattress on the house floor where the victim slept with one of the accused person’s children.

But later in the middle of the night, she took away her child from the mattress leaving the victim alone.

She returned and allegedly told the minor that she had a problem that she needed his help with.

The accused person reportedly told the minor to have sex with her which he declined.

She allegedly threatened to stab the minor but he did not comply until she took a knife and a container with paraffin and threatened that she would stab him and burn him. The minor complied under threats.

The suspect allegedly undressed herself and the minor and slept with her.

She then went out and returned with a man who she allegedly told to work on the minor before he sodomised the victim.

The victim returned home the next day and slept the whole day until his mother asked him whether he had a problem and he opened up on what had happened.

He was taken to a hospital before the matter was reported at the Lunga lunga police station.

The suspect was arrested at her house. She denied the charges before Resident Magistrate Mercy Thibatu. She was released on a bond of Sh300, 000.

The case will be mentioned on December 15 before the hearing starts on January 24 next year.