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Woman seeks help after landlord locks her property, dog in house

A businesswoman in Kisumu is embroiled in a rent dispute with her landlord who has kicked her out of the house and locked her property inside, including her dog.

The landlord, Richard Odero through his agents welded the doors to her house after throwing her children and a house help out on Friday last Week.

Mercy Oyier Javan who lives in the rented house in  Milimani Estate has protested over the move to lock her out without a notice.

She has reported the matter to Kisumu Central Police station vide OB 49/09/12/17.

On Thursday, Ms Javan asked the Kenya Human Rights Commission Human and the Department of Children in Kisumu to take action against the landlord for denying her children opportunity to go to school because their uniforms are locked in the house.


“I also want the animal rights lobby groups to act after the man locked my dog in the house without food since last Friday,” she said.

She denied claims by Mr Odero that she owed him Sh 98,000 arrears in rent.

“I only owe him Sh 33,000 because he already has Sh 32,000 which I paid him as deposit for the house. It is unfortunate that after living here for the last three years this is what he can do to me,” the woman said.

The landlord, Mr Odero has already reached out to auctioneers who want to attach her property.

A notice of proclamation of attachment of property pinned at the entrance to her locked house indicates that she owes the proprietor Sh 98,000 rent and is also required to pay additional Sh 27,500 advocates fee as well as Sh 23,450 auctioneers fee.


But Ms Javan said: “I don’t understand all what that is and has already engaged my advocate on the same. However, I still plead for interventions because it is inhuman to lock up a dog in a house for nearly a week without food.”

She said she has also been forced to stay in a guest house with her two children.

“We have a big challenge of clothing because we must now seek for alternative because all our property are locked in the house,” she said.

She also lamented that her German shepherd dog cannot be traced from her compound while another pet is still locked in the house.