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YouTube pulls down Mejja’s song

Renowned Genge artiste Major Nemeye Khadija alias Mejja has been left speechless after his latest hit song, Tabia Za Wakenya was taken down from YouTube over copyright allegations.

The hit song which had over accumulated 1.6 million views on the video platform has now been replaced by the videos behind the scene.

Mejja says he received an email from YouTube informing him of the copyright infringement and suspension.

Trouble started after one Kevin Ochieng, stage name Revina, accused Mejja of colluding with a Kenyan producer to ‘steal’ the song from him.

It is said that Revina, who hails from Mathare recorded the song with producer Vicky Pondis, only to see it as a hit later on Mejja’s platforms.

Mejja has since refuted the claims and dubbed them as “hateful allegations”.

“Hate on another level, I am the same person helping new artists. If this is meant to slow me down, I will not stop releasing music till I die,” Mejja wrote on his social media pages.

He also shared a clip of the said song, wondering why it was taken down as they do not sound the same.

Whether or not Mejja actually owns the rights to the songs, he will have to wait two weeks for an investigation to be done before having the video reinstated.

It isn’t the first time Mejja’s song has been pulled down from YouTube.

Just last month, his song Naitwa Mejja featuring Nasha Travis was also deleted from the platform over copyright issues.

At the time, he admitted to sampling the song from another artiste.