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Zari explains her beef with Diamond’s new bae Fantana

Ugandan socialite and entrepreneur, Zari Hassan, has shed light on her ongoing feud with Ghanaian singer Fantana, who has been linked to her former partner, Diamond Platnumz.

In a recent interaction with bloggers during her visit to Tanzania, Zari revealed that the conflict between her and Fantana arose after Diamond encouraged the singer to insult her.

Addressing the rumours surrounding her appearance, Zari also responded to allegations that she had undergone body enhancement surgery to resemble Fantana.

“Did you even know her before this controversy? You all know her now, so why would I undergo surgery to resemble someone who isn’t even famous?” Zari questioned, dismissing the notion.

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She further expressed her support for women seeking body enhancements for self-confidence and self-improvement.

In a message to her fellow women, she encouraged them not to fear pursuing such procedures.

While emphasizing her respect for Diamond as the father of her two children and acknowledging their enduring relationship, Zari expressed her disappointment in him for involving Fantana in their personal affairs.

“My issue is not with that girl; my problem lies with my baby daddy sitting down and discussing me with her, giving her the confidence to insult me. I think he crossed the line,” Zari stated.

She emphasized that she would never engage in similar discussions about Diamond with her own partner, asserting that it was unnecessary for him to mention her in his conversations.

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Zari also touched upon her conversation with Fantana, which apparently contained significant revelations.

“The show has been heavily edited to hide the truth, but I did tell Fantana a lot,” Zari revealed.

Although specific details were not disclosed, Zari made it clear that she informed Fantana about Diamond’s involvement in a relationship with a Tanzanian woman.

Asserting that she was not jealous since she also had her own partner, Zari seemed focused on setting the record straight.

The ongoing conflict between Zari Hassan and Fantana has generated significant attention, with fans and followers eagerly awaiting further developments in this high-profile saga.

Diamond is alleged to be in a relationship with his signee, Zuchu.

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