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10 productive ways Jowie Irungu can utilise his time in jail

Joseph Irungu, popularly known as ‘Jowie’, has been slapped with a life sentence following his recent conviction for the murder of Kenyan businesswoman Monica Kimani.

The verdict, issued by Lady Justice Grace Nzioka on February 9, 2024, culminated in a month-long wait for Jowie’s fate.

Despite the conviction, Jowie’s legal team has expressed intentions to appeal the ruling, signaling potential further legal proceedings in the case.

The conclusion of this case marks the end of a protracted legal battle spanning six years.

Jowie’s journey through the justice system included a two-year stint at Kamiti prison after initial bail denial by the court.

Reflecting on his time in prison during a past interview on the Bonga and Jalas show, Jowie shed light on the harsh realities of incarceration, particularly at Kamiti Prison.

Describing the psychological toll it takes on inmates, he painted a bleak picture of the prison environment.

“Kamiti. Kamiti. Bro, I don’t know what to say. That name is like a small tree but it is not the way you see it,” remarked Irungu. “Kamiti is not when people come to check on you and bring you things. People who are there believe they will be out. Those people have a lot of faith. Whether they are wrong or not, please pray for those in Kamiti. That place eats on you and sits on you psychologically and torments you.”

Despite the challenges, Jowie found solace in his faith and his passion for music during his time behind bars.

While incarcerated, here are some additional activities Jowie can engage in to utilize his time constructively.

Education: Participating in educational programs can help individuals acquire new skills, earn academic qualifications, or improve their literacy levels.

Many correctional facilities offer classes in subjects such as mathematics, language arts, and vocational training.

Work Assignments: Taking part in work assignments within the facility, such as kitchen duties, laundry services, or maintenance tasks, can instill a sense of responsibility and provide valuable job skills that may be useful upon release.

Counseling and Therapy: Engaging in counseling sessions or therapeutic programs can help inmates address underlying issues, such as substance abuse or anger management, and develop coping mechanisms for dealing with stressors.

Physical Fitness: Exercising regularly can promote physical health, relieve stress, and improve overall well-being.

Some correctional facilities offer outdoor recreation areas for inmates to engage in physical activity.

Reading and Writing: Spending time reading books, newspapers, or educational materials can help inmates expand their knowledge and stimulate their minds. With a background of music, Jowie can create more songs while in Jail.

Additionally, writing letters, journaling, or creative writing can serve as outlets for self-expression and reflection.

Art and Crafts: Participating in art or craft projects, such as drawing, painting, or pottery, can provide a creative outlet and foster a sense of accomplishment.

Many correctional facilities offer art programs as a form of therapy and rehabilitation.

Religious Activities: Engaging in religious or spiritual practices, such as attending worship services, prayer groups, or religious study sessions, can provide comfort and support for inmates seeking guidance and solace during their time in jail.

Peer Support Groups: Participating in support groups or peer counseling sessions can allow inmates to connect with others facing similar challenges, share experiences, and offer mutual support and encouragement.

Legal Education: Taking advantage of legal resources and educational programs can help inmates better understand their rights, navigate the legal system, and prepare for their eventual release.

Personal Development: Setting goals, learning new skills, and working towards self-improvement can help inmates maintain a sense of purpose and direction during their incarceration. This may include setting goals for education, vocational training, or personal growth.

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