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5 times comedian Elsa Majimbo has made headlines on social media

Renowned social media influencer and comedian Elsa Majimbo continues to captivate audiences with her candid revelations and humorous takes on life.

The Kenyan sensation, known for her relatable content and distinctive comedic style, has been making waves in the media throughout 2023, sharing her preferences, experiences, and unfiltered opinions.

Majimbo gained international recognition in 2020 for her comedic prowess during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

Over the past few months, she has consistently made headlines, delving into discussions about her fashion choices, unique perspectives on love, and candid reflections on her home country.

While many appreciate her unique comedic style, making her a standout figure in the digital comedy scene, there are individuals who don’t resonate with certain aspects of her content.

In a recent revelation, Majimbo candidly disclosed a significant loss of followers on her social media platforms.

Here are some instances in 2023 when Elsa Majimbo grabbed attention in the media:

Vows to marry outside her culture and Africa:

Majimbo made a bold statement about her future marriage plans, expressing her intention to marry outside her culture and continent.

She emphasized the desire for her children to have diverse passports and shared the challenges of having a “weak passport.”

“Not only am I going to marry outside my culture, I’m going to marry outside my continent. My kids deserve another passport. The trials and tribulations of having a weak passport build character. I’ve had to explain to my agencies, my manager- everyone, that I actually need visas to go to places and they tell me ‘oh, you can grab it like a week before, you can grab it at the airport’ The privilege is showing! The money and opportunities I’ve missed, it hurts inside, it hurts so much. At the end of the day, it’s not my country’s fault and I cannot blame them and I do love having my passport, it’s the world that is the problem. It all boils down to race,” Majimbo captioned and said on her TikTok post.

She does not like people

Elsa Majombo expressed her aversion to people.

“I don’t like white people, black people, Asian people, I generally just don’t like people. My point is, I do not discriminate; as long as you breathe, I genuinely don’t like people. I don’t like being touched. I don’t like being called unexpectedly, especially by unknown numbers; you are guaranteed that I will not be picking up,” she stated.

In addition to her dislike for people, Majimbo humorously questioned the concept of leaving her house to go outside and interact with the world.

“I don’t like leaving my house; it’s so comfortable here. I don’t understand why we need to do things outside,” she remarked.

To add a playful touch to her confessions, Majimbo also stated, “I don’t like men.”

Money changed her

Addressing claims that money had changed her, Majimbo confidently responded, stating that she was never humble but a victim of circumstances. “I have seen a lot of comments from people saying how money has changed me so much. Of course, it has, are you joking? I was never humble, I was a victim of my circumstances, do you know the differences?”

She humorously attributed her transformed style to her financial success.

“Oh what happened to the old Elsa, oh money changed her. She got her money up and my net worth went through the roof, that’s what happened to the old Elsa. Ooh her style has changed so much, yeah, I am rich now. Even the laugh is rich.”

Decision to leave Kenya at 19:

Elsa Majimbo opened up about facing discrimination and negativity due to her dark skin in Kenya, revealing that it compelled her to seek a more supportive environment abroad.

Majimbo expressed her experiences of being subjected to derogatory comments about her skin tone.

She recalled remarks such as “oh, you are so dark” and “look at that tint,” which fueled a toxic environment.

“I faced a lot of it when I grew up… there were a lot of comments on ‘oh, you are so dark.’ There was so much of that, and when that started happening when I was growing up, I was like, I will never progress in this country with this kind of mentality,”she explained.

Will not settle for a broke man:

Majimbo asserted that she would not settle for a broke man, emphasizing her preference for financial stability in a relationship.

“I will not marry a broke man. I love rich boys! If you are not going to be an asset to me, then I will stay single. I will not have anyone as a liability. I always knew I would marry rich.”

She humorously stated her intention to marry for both love and looks but underscored the importance of financial compatibility.

“Since I was a child, I knew very well that whether I’m gonna get rich or not, I would end up rich. I’m going to marry for love and looks, but I’m also going to marry for money,” she said