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Ababu Namwamba to attend signing of phonographic Industry MoU

The Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Arts and Sports, Honorable Ababu Namwamba will be among several other guests who will witness the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Kenya, South Africa and Barbados.

The MoU will be signed at the inaugural Sub-Saharan Africa Annual Conference for Neighboring Rights Music Licensing Companies (MLCs), Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) representing producers of sound recordings, national recording groups (the trade bodies for producers of sound recordings) and record labels.

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) will be hosting the event.

The Conference is set to take place between Wednesday, March 29, and Thursday, March 30, 2023, at the Tribe Hotel in the Village Market. Aside from CS Namwamba, other guests who will attend the signing are South African High Commissioner to Kenya, MJ Mahlangu, Barbados High Commissioner to Kenya, William McDonald, IFPI’s Chief Executive Officer, Frances Mooore, Sony Music Entertainment Africa Managing Director Sean Watson and IFPI Sub Saharan Africa Regional Director Angela Ndambuki.

According to IFPI’s press statement, the Conference will also comprise of neighboring rights collective management organizations, record companies and national groups.

“The meeting intends to explore recording industry issues, particularly, the challenges, gaps and opportunities in the collective management of neighboring rights. Of importance, besides improving policy environment, is the need to design ways of realizing the potential of the recorded music market in the region, especially the broadcast and public performance markets,” read the statement in part.

IFPI noted that public performances and broadcast music were heavily consumed but the artists and producers of the music were not being fairly compensated.

“The conference seeks to establish a sustainable approach to building a neighboring rights collective management culture in the region to enable Sub-Saharan African recorded music market compete globally,” added the statement.

The MoU that will be signed will be in aims of building Pan African partnerships. Collective Management Organizations from Kenya, South Africa and Barbados will agree to work together in growing the respective collective management business.

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