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Akothee ‘disappointed’ following cancellation of Ng’iya Girls talent show invite

Popular singer and philanthropist Esther Akoth, who is normally referred to as Akothee in entertainment circles, has shed light on the circumstances that led to the abrupt cancellation of her invitation to headline a talent show at Ng’iya Girls.

The mother of five expressed her surprise and disappointment after receiving a message from the school administration informing her of the event’s cancellation.

According to the communication, the talent show did not take place due to disagreements between the school and the local ACK (Anglican Church of Kenya) diocese in the area.

“We have cancelled the event because the ACK Bishop of the area is not comfortable with our presence,” the message read.

Despite the setback, Akothee took the opportunity to extend her gratitude to the school’s principal, Madam Helen, for extending the invitation and promised to continue supporting her and the school in the future.

“…I pray that your new development of having a foundation within the school will uplift a lot of souls. I really appreciate the love and faith you have for me. I will still support any course that will leave a positive impact on our society. I will still support where I can, even from where I am standing. May God bless you.”

Addressing the concerns raised by some online users who alleged that her absence at the event was due to objections from a section of the school’s alumni, Akothee expressed understanding and respect for their opinions.

However, she clarified that the cancellation was primarily attributed to the disagreement between the school and the local church authority.

Akothee was initially invited to be the key speaker at the talent show, with the expectation that her presence would inspire and motivate upcoming singers at the school.

The news of her appearance was met with mixed reactions, as some hailed the move, seeing her as a successful female artist who could provide valuable insights and encouragement.

On Friday, August 4, Akothee announced on her social media pages that she would be the guest speaker at Ng’iya Girls, expressing her excitement and encouraging former students to join her in a new project.

The post garnered significant attention and engagement from her fans, with many expressing their support and congratulating her on the opportunity.

Yet, the post also stirred controversy, with some social media users voicing their disagreement, claiming that her presence would not be appropriate for impressionable young girls.

This growing opposition eventually led Akothee to delete the post from all her social media platforms.

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